Friday, August 30, 2013

O Grayson! My Grayson...

Happy Friday!

I am so incredibly pschyed out of my mind for this three-day weekend. After a week of not much on my end in the DIY/Home Improvement department, I'm looking forward to finishing up some projects that have been "in-progress" for a little too long. (If you're not actually making progress on something, does it still count as "in-progress"?) 

I feel the tide turning a little bit from "I must paint all the things!" to "Let's settle down a little bit and get ready to have this baby." But I'm not giving in yet! It's been wonderful to channel my nesting/nervous/excited energy into our home, I feel like it's made this pregnancy a very joyful, and quick, time. 

On that note, I wanted to share a cute moment from earlier this week. Monday we had our "home visit" from our midwives. (We are planning another Home Birth for this little one. We loved the experience we had with Grayson (even though, due to complications, we ended up going to the hospital; which is one of the things that makes us comfortable with a homebirth: if things get a little hairy, you have devoted, experienced, wonderful midwives focused only on you and your baby and they can say, "We need to go to the hospital.") and we are so excited to bring our little girl into the world in the home that we've put so much love and energy into over the past few months.)

So, during the "fun part" of our appointment (listening to the baby's heartbeat, feeling what position she's in) Joseph, myself and the midwives were in the bedroom and something (I wish I could remember what it was!) made us all cheer.


Grayson: (comes running in from the living room, arms raised) She popped out! 

Oh, I wish. 
Though, I'm sure when she's ready and does "pop out" there will be cheering. I hope Grayson is just as excited to really meet his little sister as he is about the idea of her. (He'll probably be interested for about five seconds before remembering the very important game he was playing with his Nana (my mom, who is also attending our birth so that Grayson has someone "just for him" to meet his needs in case Joseph or I can't.) 

Grayson, the budding photographer, took this pregnancy portrait.

Well, that took kind of a different turn. Hope it wasn't too off-track. I just thought the Grayson bit was so cute I wanted to share it and, of course, I didn't know how without also doing some potential over-sharing. I promise we will return to our regularly scheduled painting/mulching/whatever-silly-thing-we-decide-to-tackle-next blog A.S.A.P. 

Speaking of which, anyone have any good tips for dealing with a popcorn ceiling? We've looked at how to take it off, but it seems very messy and like a lot of neck-breaking work. (Which we're not against.) I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of covering it? Or just had any tips about taking it down? 

Have a lovely (long!) weekend!

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