About Us


Oh, hello there!

We're Meredith and Joseph and we live in Richmond, Virginia in a little blue house (830 sq. feet!) with two wonderful, adorable children, lots of half-empty paint cans and a bamboo forest in our backyard.

We love to paint:




And we go craaaazy for balloons:

...okay, maybe that's just Grayson.

This is where all of our love for our tiny house spills out when we simply can not contain it anymore. We certainly don't claim to be experts in ...well, anything, really. But what we lack in experience we make up in enthusiasm! So, come hang out with us! Give us your thoughts on our DIY adventure or just sit back and be amused by our somewhat hapless, always joyful, usually messy, little life as we fall in love with our tiny Blue House.

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  1. What a sweet family you have. Adorable children. I raised my two children in about as much square footage and our most cherished memories were made there. Lovely home.