Friday, August 9, 2013

A Grayson Moment

And now, because it's Friday and occasionally it's a good idea to take a break from all the house stuff, we pause and bring you: A Moment with Grayson.

Grayson is our two and a half year-old and he is constantly reminding helping us to take a step back and just enjoy how wonderful the little, everyday things are. Which is so very good for me. 

Here is a moment from yesterday that made us smile:

Grayson, standing in the doorway of the kitchen, running his fingers over his chin slowly.

Mama: Grayson, are you okay?

Grayson: Yeah, I am. *pause* I'm just itching my beard. 

Oh, that boy....he cracks us up. 

Does anybody have any fun DIY plans for this weekend? Or just fun plans in general? Tell us so we can copy you! Haha! I'm kidding. 

I think our plans involve finally (finally!) digging up that last, sad, monster of a bush in front of our house. (Then we can share our bush whacking adventures! Oh, joy!) and maybe some more painting. Is there anything a fresh coat of paint can't fix? Oh! And we're on a quest! (Goody! I love quests!) A quest for dining chairs.  

So, happy Friday and have a lovely weekend! 

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