Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cleaning Out Our Closets

(I tried to come up with something more original for a title, but I just really like to keep this song alive!)

(The video's censored but, you know, it's still Eminem.)

(Alright, that's a lie. But doesn't it pop into your head every time you tackle your own storage spaces?) 

So, our project this weekend was to tidy/spiffy up our closets. Our house has four closets. I know, you're jealous. But considering our old apartment had one whole closet, this feels like we're rich in storage space. We can have one whole closet just for coats! Apparently, you call it a Coat Closet? Did you know about this? It's magical. 

Anyway, while we were pulling out, organizing and dreaming about shelves with baskets, it occurred to us it might look nice to paint the interiors of the closets. I love the idea of opening the door and encountering an unexpected pop of color; like finding a little jewel. We have a few pieces of Juniper Fiestaware throughout the house and I decided THAT was it, that was going to be our closet color.

So, Saturday morning (while Joseph dug up another unwanted shrubbery) I dashed out to Home Depot with the remaining 3/4 of the gallon of leftover paint from painting the bathroom (Gulf Winds by Behr) to have it tinted. (Did you know Home Depot tints paint for free? Pretty exciting.) 

Now, I was forewarned that tinting paint is not an exact science. 

But I didn't really believe that. 
(The heart wants what the heart wants!)

I picked out my desired paint swatch (Peacock Tail by Behr), I don't have a picture but it was pretty darn close to those Juniper dishes. And I figured going from a light bluey-green to a darker bluey-green would be no problem. 

*insert disgruntled face*

Apparently paint tinting is not an exact science. 

Did you know that? 

Well, my desired color could not be reached because, apparently, adding more pigment would make the paint lose adhesion. 


Good thing those guys at Home Depot know their stuff. 

So, I returned home, slightly crestfallen, to my very supportive husband and began painting our Coat Closet. 

Here is a reenactment of what my face looked like after an experimental swatch: 

(Oh, yeah, lovin' the no-make-up. Put that up on the Internet.)

But, we soldiered on and....

It was totally worth it. 

While it is not the color I had envisioned for my magical closet space, I still think it looks awesome and will really pop once we get the white shelves and those baskets I was dreaming of inside. 

So, in closing: 

Cost: free

Time/Effort: minimal (we did it leisurely over a three-day weekend) 

= A very satisfying project. 

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  1. Haha, adorable, the closets and you. I'm so painting our closets when we buy a house! -Hay