Tuesday, August 13, 2013

If I had a Million Dollars...

(This is posting later than it should because I, Joseph, took too long to publish it.)

There are a lot of things I'd do with...
...a Million Dollars.

(Are Dr. Evil impressions cool again? So uncool they're cool? Like Dr. Evil Hipsters? Can I make that a thing? 


Can you tell it's very early in the morning?)

But last night all I wanted to do with my dollars was go on a shopping spree at Arhaus. 

So, join me for a brief foray into dreamland....

(In case you haven't noticed, this post is fairly 
pointless, feel free to skim. Or skip it entirely.)

How beautiful is this book? I think I would just 
frame it. Or, for $70 possibly just place it in a 
case and press my face against the glass every so 

Joseph thought this would make a great curtain.
Like, "Ooh, what a pretty distressed brown curtain."
*close curtains*
"Surprise! We're science-y!"

Is this not the most beautiful manly media 
cabinet you've ever seen? And at $5,400 it's a real bargain.

The weird face Joseph is making totally says, 
"This lamp makes me look at all other lamps 
with newfound disdain because they are not 
this lamp." It had a counter-weight on the cord (
which I at first thought was a grenade and then 
thought was a cocktail shaker) and its industrial
 look makes me want to put it on the desk 
in the office on my Airship. 

Blue lamps. Glass birds. Oranges. 

= Happiness. 

*riff on the bongo drums*

So, thank you for joining me on my imaginary 
shopping spree. I promise this blog will return 
to what passes for normal sometime this 
afternoon when Joseph returns to tell you 
about our War of the Roses Shrubbery. 

But, until then, do you have a store where you 
would spend your Imaginary Fortune? 
(Honestly, I change my mind so often... I'd also 
go broke in Target, Anthropologie,
 Crate & Barrel....) It's probably better my 
decorating budget stays where it is. 

I still want to be able to fit in my house

I couldn't resist tacking this picture on, too. 
Look how handsome they are! 
(Even Gray in his blurriness). 

The loves of my life.

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