Friday, August 23, 2013

A Grayson Moment

So, I guess this is becoming a thing.

Maybe it's a cheap way to get a post up on a Friday. 

Maybe it's because we just think he's cute and so gosh darn amusing and we just can't resist the impulse to share him with the world. (The World = our family and indulgent friends who read this to make us feel good. We love you. Please keep it up.) 

But you can't have him, he's ours.

Daddy leans over to kiss Mamma 'goodbye' before going to work.

Grayson: (puts a hand over Mamma's mouth) No! I want to keep her!


Playing around on an old caboose at the Richmond Railway Museum (link).

Grayson: (showing Mamma the handrail mounted on the wall beside the seat.) These are for you to hold cause it's bumpy and you have to hold it or you might fall out the window. And fall on to the train tracks and then you would go, "Aaaahhh!!"


Well, I hope he makes you chuckle. He makes me chuckle. And buy him cupcakes. (Oh, Joseph will tell you, I'm not kidding.) 

Have a lovely Friday and a fantastic weekend! (Especially all the new homeowners we know. Please share how you're settling in and making your new space feel like "yours".) I think our plans include hauling some mulch, painting our bedroom (the last room to get some paint before this baby gets here), some more chainsawing action on Joseph's part (can't wait for that post) and spiffying up an awesome Goodwill find I can't wait to share! 

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  1. I love that first picture... looks like he is making mischief.