Monday, August 19, 2013

A Quick Question...

On Friday I said we were going to paint a table this weekend.

Well, we did not. 

But that's okay! Because now I get to ask you about it. 

So, this:


is our Coffee Table. We inherited it from a very generous family and we've been happy with it (at various points it's also been a TV stand and a gaming table) but now that we're settling in to a house of our own, we're feeling the need do you say....paint this baby!

The only problem we're having is deciding exactly what color/colors would work best. Our original plan was to paint the entire thing white, with a light grey top and a distressed white pattern on the top. Like this:

Swiped from the Young House Love book.

But then we looked around our house and realized: We have a lot of grey. And white. 

So, now I feel a little stuck. I like the idea of incorporating a pop of color (maybe on the top, instead of grey) but still using a distressed white pattern? And then we remembered we got some free Clark & Kensington paint last year in a deep eggplant, so maybe that could work. (Our couch had purple corduroy throw pillows.) But what about an orange? Or a coral-y pink? I just don't know. (Picture me throwing up my hands and questioning the Heavens, ala King Lear.) First World Problems, you know...they warrant such drama. *grin*

Anyway, I thought I'd see if anyone (with a better decorating sense than I) had any ideas. 

Otherwise, I might go crazy and decide I might need to paint it to coordinate with this lamp:

For more hideous lighting specimens click here.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence! I don't think of myself as being color-shy, but then I look around at all the white and grey and think, "Maybe I do have a problem..."

  2. baha glad to see that lamp is getting love from another blog ;)

    I definitely say go with a color--if the living room already has gray and white then you could really choose any accent color! Just about everything works with gray! (Except that lamp. It will never, ever work with gray. Or any other thing, for that matter.)

    1. I'm so glad you brought knowledge of that lamp's existence into our lives. That picture is going to be my go-to reference for good DIYing gone bad... or what I threaten to give everyone for Christmas.

      I'm leaning toward either a coral or some muted shade of yellow, maybe with a vague hexagon/honeycomb pattern...

      Why I feel so indecisive with this dinky little table, I have no idea.