Wednesday, June 11, 2014

All Around the House

Ba-bada-ba! Bada-ba-bada-ba-ba!

We are celebrating this week; it is our one year anniversary (what?!) of living in our little blue house. (The above "ba-bada-ba" was my attempt at transcribing a glorious fanfare. Or, maybe a fanfare played by a lone woman on a kazoo.) 

It's a little bit of a shock; it certainly doesn't feel like an entire year has passed. (Wasn't it just yesterday we were picking up our keys and unpacking boxes?) 

Well, in honor of our House-iversary, we would like to invite you to take a walk with us on our Very First (super-awkward, mildly cringe-inducing) House Tour Video! 

Well, actually, that's not quite true. You see, while uploading some pictures the other day, we came across, not one, but two (!!) House Tour videos (well, one's more of a "yard tour") that we shot last year, the day after we closed on this house. 

And, we thought, what the heck, these videos are so incredibly dorky and embarrassing, let's put them on the Internet! And, then, let's make another one and share that, too!

So, that's exactly what we did. 

Some things you'll see in these first two include:

- Our house almost totally empty except for our bedroom, which is where we stored tools. 

- My five-month baby Alice bump. 

- Our backyard nearly bamboo-free. (Oh, but it's still there, it's just waiting...)

- Our front yard, with all of its original trees, bushes, "landscaping rocks" and weeds still intact. 

-  The "Ghost Door".

Now that you've seen the previously unreleased "First House Tour", here's this years Updated (but still majorly in progress) House Tour Video: 


Some of the gems included in this new video tour are:

- Just under seven minutes of me talking too fast while trying to recall what we've been working on over the past year. 

- A chair is tripped over. 

- Me, seriously over-using the word "fantastic". 

- Us completely leaving out big chunks of things we've done (i.e. tearing up the walk and the random arrows in Grayson's room). 

For a more in-depth breakdown of every project and tweak, we've also added a House Tour page. Like sand through the hourglass everything else in our lives, the page is still majorly a work in progress, but we'll be updating it regularly so, hopefully, things will be a little more put together over there soon. 

Well, we've definitely got a lot of work ahead of us, but looking back at what we've done so far just makes me feel like, "Yeah, we got this!" Then Joseph and I high-five each other and immediately pretend we didn't just do that.

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