Friday, June 6, 2014

Five for Friday: Art Attack!

Note: So, I said this last week, but I figured it should probably become a "thing" that goes here. (Also, I just really love putting things in italics.) For the record, none of the products/links on any Five for Friday posts are affiliated with us. They are purely things we enjoy (or dream of enjoying one day). 

Our walls have been feeling a little bare. I tend to think of hanging pictures as a final decorating touch; something not to be done until everything else is finished, like adding sprinkles on a cupcake. However, I'm beginning to think that I'm wrong. Or...I've just gotten impatient. I don't want to wait! I want sprinkles now!

So, here are five things that I would love to hang on our walls:

This print from Help Ink:


In addition to having really beautiful art, they also donate a portion of each sale to the charity of your choosing. And they print on wood, in addition to high-quality paper, which I think is super cool.

Thiebaud Calendar:


Thiebaud prints are kind of hard to find. So, when I came across this calendar on Amazon I was super excited. It's like getting twelve prints for $11, which is a pretty amazing deal. 

Ikea Trees Print:


I love the colors in this and it's  fun without feeling too cutesy. Also, it's $12 (!!!).

Etsy Feathers:


I mean, who doesn't love feathers? Joseph actually found this one and when he showed me all I said was, "Yes!"

Ali Cavanaugh Print:


This last one is on the pricey side ($100 for a 12x12) but her work is just beautiful.   Or maybe I just secretly covet those socks... 

So, yes, I think I'm finally going to get past my "Wait! You can't hang art yet! You're not done! You're not at the sprinkle phase!" way of thinking and order some art! 

Anything you guys can't wait to hang? Or already have up and are loving? Share!


  1. It's funny you should ask. I was looking at Andrea Kowch prints this morning. I want The Feast one. It's huge!

    1. That would be really cool above the couch, across from the peninsula counter.

      And not creepy at all...

    2. Exactly! Sets the mood for the next soup party? "You are invited to Creepy Soup Party. Please come."