Friday, June 20, 2014

Five for Friday: Need for Swede

Maybe we have Ikea-hangover from our impromptu trip last Sunday:

The boys had fun with the sinks, while Alice just soaked in the wonder of it all:


Maybe all this Viking talk is going to our heads. 

Or maybe we're just super excited about Amy Pohler's new show.

Whatever the reason, this Friday, we've got Sweden on the brain. Now, unless you're throwing a theme party or getting in touch with your Scandanavian roots, you may say "Hey, now, I appreciate pickled herring and meatballs as much as the next person, but my life is in no way missing out on Swedish things." And we would say, "Ah, but you're wrong!" And we've made a list to help you realize how much you (and everyone else) needs more Swedes! (Or, rather, things from Sweden. You probably don't need more "Swedes", it just flowed with "needs" better. But, they do seem like a lovely people. Maybe we do all need more Swedes.) 


Can you make a list of cool Swedish things and not have something with a Dala horse? I submit that you can not. These come in a set of four (there's also a blue one, not pictured) for $42. But they're cute and kind of a subtle Swedish wink. 


Coffe with a Push. This is a twist on the traditional Swedish game Fia med Knuff, which is similar to Parcheesi. Joseph does not enjoy Parcheesi (he says there's too much left to chance and not enough strategy. My Magic Husband Decoder says he played once and didn't do very well. But, I could be wrong, sometimes it's faulty.) so, when we all get together to play this game, he's going to be in charge of making the coffee and Swedish Cinnamon Rolls (this game comes with a recipe!)


I would frame this "tea towel" and hang it on the wall. Or sew a bunch together into a quilt that I would huddle under while drinking glogg and reading Elsa Beskow books.

Or maybe I would just use it as a tea towel. But I would pat it affectionately, so that it would know it was my favorite. 

Arrows, they're so hot right now. But this is the first time I've seen them as wall hooks. It's a good look for them. 

Swedish Fish


Okay, this one is kind of a joke...

But after looking through all this Swedish stuff, how could I not want to go buy a giant bag and eat them by the handful? Maybe that's just me...
In Swedish they're called "pastellfiskar" (literally: pastel fish) and the red ones are apparently lingonberry flavored - I had always assumed they were cherry. Who knew!
Disappointingly, the ones you can buy in every grocery store and Target are made in Canada, but you can buy authentic Pastellfiskar at Ikea. 

Wasn't that fun? 
I don't know about you, but I'm feeling more cultured. And, also, more blond. 

Sadly, both of these are illusions. 

Any other suggestions on expanding our cultural horizons? Favorite Hungarian wall-hangings or Peruvian pastries? Please share!


  1. Being a quarter Swedish, I naturally think everyone could use more Swedes in their life! I myself am interested in adding more Finns to mine. :P

    1. Meredith is a quarter Welsh. I'm such a mish-mash that I love adding anything!