Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I am the Egg-Chair

So this past weekend we went down to the Lakeside Farmer's Market to hit up one of our favorite vendors, Greenway Beef. The name is slightly misleading considering they sell, well, pretty much everything. After filling a couple bags full of produce (they have a sweet mix and match/fill a bag deal for $7) we headed down the street to one of the more popular thrift stores around town, Consignment Connection. Normally we see tons of stuff there that we want but nothing that we need and leave empty handed, but not this time.

When we got there this was awaiting us. The second we pulled in Meredith's eyes lit up and she HAD TO HAVE IT. Better yet? It was $12. The only problem was that they weren't open yet! In fact, they didn't open for another thirty minutes.


So, we decided that Meredith and Alice would stay to stake our claim and Grayson and I would run down the street to get something from Hardees while we waited (we're suckers for Hardees breakfast, it's our one weakness when it comes to fast food).

We took turns guaranteeing that no one took our chair.

...while eating our bacon egg and cheese biscuits.

It was all quite silly.

As it turns out, it's a good thing we didn't just leave and come back later because as soon as the doors opened I took it to the counter and asked them to hold it for us while we looked around and while we were in the other room someone still tried to buy it! Thankfully they told them that no, they couldn't buy it because a crazy family had already staked their claim since early that morning (or at least that's what I imagine they told them).

Here it is in our living room against our board and batten. It's quite at home and already feels like part of the family.

We love that it's yellow, but you can tell it wasn't painted all that "thoroughly" by its last owner so we're not sure if we should try and match the current color and give it a second coat, or try something different. Any thoughts? Also, what consignment shops are we missing out on? We both love anything that's heavy on the furniture and decor side of their inventory. Any suggestions for our next outing?

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