Friday, May 2, 2014

Five for Friday

Confession: this song makes me tear up a little when I'm car-singing to it. (Car singing: you know, like "car-dancing" except slightly safer and more annoying to your children.)

But I digress...

We are currently in the middle of a big Room Redo for the Boy. (It's long over-due. His room/ the playroom has, unfortunately, been our "catch all" room since we moved in almost a year ago. Housing his toys and toddler bed...and the odd discarded lamp or sink or box of doorknobs....

But, no more! 

Now there is a real bed and more toy storage and curtains and...all kinds of fun, new things! 

So, we're looking forward to writing about that next week. 

But, for now, it's Friday! 

I thought I would share Five Things that I am currently obsessing over really digging. 

1. Orangette, a Blog by Molly Wizenberg.

I have recently rediscovered this blog. (Just in time for her new book to be released.) Her writing is so engaging; in my head, we're best friends. And I have yet to be disappointed in a recipe she's shared. (Her Winning Hearts and Minds cake was one of our wedding cakes. It is wonderful.)

2. These frames from Target. 

Maybe these frames are nothing special, but I'm really feeling the way the home decor pendulum seems to be swinging away from dark stains and painted everything(!) and toward natural, light wood and clean lines, and these frames seem like an easy way to update things. The light wood feels very Norwegian, doesn't it? And isn't Norway itself pretty en vogue right now? 

Also, these frames start at $1. 


Update: Apparently, the "less expensive" frames are only sold in stores. The one pictured is $10, so not bad...but, somehow, I find it less cute than the $1 frames...*wink*

This book is my new favorite thing ever! 


I mean...

It's pretty cute...if you like that kind of thing. 

Which you should. 

Because it's awesome. 

My mother surprised me with this book earlier in the week and after flipping through it for about five seconds perusing it thoroughly, I was hooked. It's full of beautifully illustrated paper dolls (and paper hedgehogs, ghosts and narwhals), each with their own distinct personalities, likes and dislikes. 

I can't decide weather to frame them or leave such a beautiful book intact. Oh, wonderful dilemma...

This Etsy site is back up and running. She took a break for a while, but now all the Monsters are back! We have Iggy and we adore him, but I feel like no room in our house is complete without one of these guys perched on a shelf or lounging carelessly on a cushion. 

Every time we unpack groceries and I throw away wads of filmy, green-tinged plastic, I think "I really need something better..." I love the look of these and the size (they're 17x13) and they're $16 for two, which sounds pretty good. I may just snag a set soon. 

Anything you're loving? Please share! (Especially if it's food related and I can purchase it from my couch or bed. Oh, yeah!) 

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend, full of quiet moments and fantastic adventures!


  1. I don't think she makes dolls any more, but when I see brilliant things like the creations in your post, I feel like NOW is the time for me to create and market my OWN brilliant creation! If only I could come up with one . . .

    1. I love those! Oh, my goodness, I want all of the dolls! On little white shelves. We will have tea parties and enlightening, achingly witty, conversations.

      I think I just want to curate everyone else's creativity. Bring me your beautiful things and I will build a museum to house them!